The Organ Factory is the former workshop of Mander Organs, one of Britains most celebrated pipe organ restorers and builders. For more information on Mander Organs, please see the History section.

The site was restored by Hackney Studios in 2023. Hackney Studios also have photographic and film studios in the Tram Depot in Clapton, east London. 

The Organ Factory, originally a school built in 1840, is situated close to Columbia Road, Hackney City Farm and Broadway Market on the edge of Shoredich, Hackney and Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets. It is situated to the left of the magnificant St Peter's Church in St Peter's Square.

The main building comprises of three main large spaces, the Main Hall, The Mill and the Chapel Studio. Each of these spaces have their own very unique characteristics, as can be seen below.







If you would like more information on how to hire any of these spaces, either for an event, or for a photographic, or film production, please visit the Contact section, or email: We look forward to hearing from you. 

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